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If you are looking for a tree surgeon in Houston, then you are in the right place!

At Houston Tree Service Experts, we understand that every tree is different, we’re not just talking about species, we’re talking about size, vigor, soil condition, previous work to the tree and more.

Needless to say that each tree requires a customized plan that only a professional can provide at competitive tree surgeon costs.

Houston Tree Service Experts has been offering services as a tree surgeon in Houston, Texas and the surrounding areas for many years. 

We offer a full tree removal service or tree pruning service to keep your trees in check.  We are highly experienced in dismantling trees with many happy customers having used our tree felling and tree trimming services.  

We are fully qualified so rest assured that your tree services will go without a hitch. We are also able to offer our customers a service with a competitive tree stump removal cost to help improve the aesthetics of the grounds of your property.

Tree Service Houston
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Tree Service Near Me
Houston Tree Service
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Tree Service Houston
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Tree Service Houston

Tree Services in Houston and Surrounding Areas

Tree Trimming Houston

Tree Trimming & Pruning

Tree pruning can be required for a number of different reasons. For instance, overgrown limbs can overcrowd other specimens and make things look informal, block the essential light to other trees, shrubs, plants and even your garden area.

Another good reason to prune your trees is to reduce heavy limbs which are susceptible to damage from wind or just weight alone. Minimize damage from high winds and storms by maintaining your trees.

Tree Removal Houston

Tree Removal

Our arborists are highly skilled and have extensive experience in felling trees and removing them. 

Our tree surgeons can fell any size tree and in any location. We have felled many trees in awkward situations and our tree surgeons can navigate through the tightest of spaces with minimal disruption to the surrounding areas.

Tree Stump Removal Houston

Tree Stump Removal

Stump removal is about more than showing up with a machine and grinding away an unsightly tree stump. In determining the best course of action, we consider your future plans for the area, as well as the immediate surroundings of a specific stump.

We can also leave the tree stump wood chips neatly piled up for you to reuse as mulch, or we can haul them away for you.

Hedge Trimming Houston

Hedge Trimming

Houston Tree Service Experts are masters in the art of hedge trimming; we can trim your hedges to just about any shape with accuracy and precision.

We can trim, shape or cut just about any size hedge imaginable! We can trim small feature hedges to large conifers as well as other shrubs that need tending to.

Our team will work closely with you and follow your specific instructions to produce the desired end result. With our help you can transform any hedge in your garden into a masterpiece.

Tree Cabling Houston

Tree Cabling and Bracing

Tree cable bracing is done when there is a risk of structural damage to the tree and is the most common form of structural support without the need for unfavorable pruning.

This is often used to reduce the potential damage to a healthy tree, to prevent damage occurring to a mature tree in decline. It is also carried out on mature trees with heavy limbs and lateral limbs which are at risk of breaking off from the crown at unions.

It is also used in the presence of v-shaped unions where two stems grow side by side gradually pushing them apart, causing the weaker stem to split and break away from the union.

Storm Tree Cleanup Houston

Storm Cleanup

Apart from damaged limbs and debris, changes in the structure of a tree due to storm damage can cause harm months or years down the line. Having your trees inspected and serviced by a professional as soon as tree damage from storms occurs can save you both time and money in the future.

Houston Tree Service Experts offers free quotes, so there is no risk associated with making sure your home is as safe and beautiful as it can be.

Tree Diagnosis Houston

Tree Diagnosis

Trees are susceptible to a whole range of different pests and diseases.  However, sometimes what appears to be a significant problem can often prove to be quite benign, as far as the health of the tree is concerned.

Our arborists have extensive experience of diagnosing and dealing with tree pests and diseases.  We can offer advice on the best form of management for your tree in order to safeguard your liabilities.

Emergency Tree Service Houston

Emergency Tree Service

We are available 24-hours a day for your tree emergency needs. Houston has the potential for high winds due to hurricane, or tropical related weather and extreme weather conditions are almost a guarantee. Thunderstorms or High Winds can cause major damage to your trees. High winds and heavy rainfall can break tree limbs or topple large trees onto your property or even your home. 

Do you have a tree emergency that you need help with right now?

Houston Tree Service Experts

Other Tree Services

Houston Tree Service Experts can handle any and all of your tree service needs.

Give us a call or fill out the quote form and see how Houston Tree Service Experts will be the last tree service company you will ever need.

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