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In the past, cable bracing was carried out by attaching an eye bolt to both ends of the cable and screwing each ends of the stems into the tree linking them together. This is often now seen as bad practice as this creates a wound in the tree and long term the tree swallows the eye blot which leaves root and decay in the heart wood. As trees cannot heal themselves, they can only cover up wounds; this is not a good idea. The wood can root around the eye bolt, causing the eye bolt to fail long term.

The modern and correct way is to use the latest polypropylene cable system that loops around the stem and does not cause a wound to the tree. This is installed leaving a small amount of tolerance (slack) and should be monitored. If the tolerance is lost (slack disappears) and the cable becomes taut then further action is required.

Cable bracing is the ideal way of ensuring safety when trying to prolong the life of a mature tree that may be in decline. All bracing should be carried out according to factors such as species, condition of wood, design of system, load to be supported, cause of problem, how often monitoring will occur, potential damage to property, life and tree are key factors to consider.

If your trees need cable bracing, we will give you our advice and install the correct cable bracing for your tree.

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